I I 9 P CQWW SSB 2012 Contest Team

Back (L-R) S52RU,IT9AUG Front (L-R) IT9EQO , Mr. Criscione , IV3YYK,IT9GSF,I4VEQ,I4AVG,ON4LG


Thank you for contacting us in the CQWW SSB,

This year definitely our station worked well, we were able to test it well before the contest, and during the contest we had no problems, finally now the station is very reliable, I want to thank to all operators who came to help .There is still much room for improvement, propagation was very good in the band of 10 meters with many QSO with NA and AS during the night the system of 4sq has worked very well and the 3 elements on 40mt was perfect, certainly for the CQ WPX we will have new antennas and new towers where we can install new systems for 15m, 20m and 10m, I want to thank the two foreign operators who come to help us — S52RU , ON4LG, and friends from IR4X for the great support and their total willingness to work as required…
Thanks to everyone and hope to catch you again in the next contest,
CQ Worldwide DX Contest SSB  
Call: II9P 


Station: II9P 

Class: M/S HP 

QTH: Monte Arcibessi 

Operating Time (hrs): 48h

 Summary:    Band  QSOs  Zones Countries 
             160:  152    11     57 
              80:  439    20     88 
              40: 1051    35    121 
              20:  897    37    145 
              15: 1276    37    144 
              10: 2409    38    150

 Total: 6224 178 705 Total Score = 11,542,576
Carmelo IT9AUG.
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